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snappa_1467231455 Advice for College from A Grad - I’m jaded. I’m putting that on the table immediately. To the sweet-faced babies that are still looking forward to glorious four years of collegiate freedom, a tired college graduate may sound pessimistic and crusty. I get it. And I admit it. I did not love college. This is not the case for everybody. My opinions, my… Continue reading Advice for College from A Grad
WPY64BDB7K Just Follow The Blood Stained Road - The missionary sitting across the table from me had 600 children, 22 years of ministry, and enough tales to hold for five and a half hours my rapturous attention with unconscious ease. On our way to Boston in our air conditioned Lexus amidst our discussion of life, my sister offhandedly commented to me “You like things on… Continue reading Just Follow The Blood Stained Road
H8HWM6CSI9 When Perfect Shatters - I swear he had magnets somewhere on his person because I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. My breath caught the first time I realized it. And let me clearly state that I’m not that type of girl who falls in love easily. I am far too busy initiating my plan for world domination. But… Continue reading When Perfect Shatters
TBJ4OW9XG9 It’s Okay to Be Hungry – A Study in Gluttony, Part II - A few months ago I started my battle against gluttony. Well I bought a book about Biblical Weight Management. So yeah I rolled out the Howitzer. Bet you didn’t even know that one of those existed. This super nerd found it! Why? Because I firmly believe that theology directly influences lifestyle. Functional theology that boils… Continue reading It’s Okay to Be Hungry – A Study in Gluttony, Part II
ZAU2X5SRN8 Changes - I am sure, quick footed, and confident Nose in the air, back military straight Quick steps take me where I’m going. Because I always know, I always know the next step Because I know my mind, my heart, my dreams My path. At least until it turns and I see You – right in the… Continue reading Changes
8ZB9C03AIJ Just Stay Saved Already! - I really hope that nothing in heaven will be dirty, dusty, old, or broken. Cause if we’re cleaning up there, I don’t want no mansion. I’ll take the hammock under the tree, thank you very much. Which will be fine because there won’t be any bad weather in heaven. Obviously. Seriously though, can you even… Continue reading Just Stay Saved Already!
RXCC41RYZ7 Just When I Thought The Hard Part Was Over -   I had this moment not too long ago – when everything was going as smooth as butter – when I sat back and just let out a deep breath. “The hard part is over” I thought. And then everything around me went up in flames. Just kidding. But not really. Within the span of two… Continue reading Just When I Thought The Hard Part Was Over
RMFBBONR1N Let It Be to Me According to Your Word - 2016. I sit on the first of the new year – more battered, bruised, tired, and scarred than ever before and yet – more joyful, more hopeful, and more peaceful than ever before. I have tasted of God’s goodness more deeply and more fully than ever before. And so my prayer this new year is this: Lord… Continue reading Let It Be to Me According to Your Word
BKC8Y8VF8K Why Fight Sin? - I think that this question is one of the most important questions in the Christian life. Mainly because once a person comes to Christ, there is a resounding question “What now?”. Once you’ve made the decision to follow Christ and have begun to follow Him, you quickly find that the Christian life is not easier than… Continue reading Why Fight Sin?
B6LL39821V The Impossible Semester And the All Powerful God - Done. Wow. Finally. This semester has been brutal. Excruciatingly so. And yet at the end of it, I find myself rejoicing and marveling in God’s goodness. I made so many mistakes, and was far from the perfect student but He was faithful to lead, sustain, and wack me with the Shepherd’s crook when I wandered… Continue reading The Impossible Semester And the All Powerful God
TBJ4OW9XG9 Do You Struggle With Gluttony? I Do. - There’s something incredibly humbling and difficult about admitting that I struggle with gluttony. (Which is by the way: extravagant indulgence of the appetite for food.) Maybe its because I’m a girl and the only thing left in our modern desensitized culture that you can’t talk about is talk about weight.  Maybe its because I have a… Continue reading Do You Struggle With Gluttony? I Do.
R0BZTCYBM6 Lord Come - When I can’t give you anything in return As I am a beggar, bruised and worn, Silent, confused, voiceless and torn Lord come and rescue me. When I’ve finally come to the end of my musings, My wise statements and heroic efforts, My grand visions and my worldly successes, As my striving finally ceases Lord come and… Continue reading Lord Come
E2C46B6D49 A Case Against Entertainment - Yep I’m going there. In this post, I will bring 7 arguments to the table against the golden calf of America – entertainment. When I say entertainment, I loosely include but do not limit this discussion to: movies, video games, music, TV shows, books, and sports. Mostly I am addressing movies and TV. I am NOT talking about… Continue reading A Case Against Entertainment
0SP70JWWOK Entertaining Our Life Away - Meet Joe. Joe is a good guy. He works hard and he is driven to make an impact on this world. Joe also loves Jesus. He’s the guy in the youth group all the moms want their daughters to marry. One day Joe decides to go to Bible college. He goes and it’s the best… Continue reading Entertaining Our Life Away
KD30XPQR0A The Measure of A (Wo)Man - I was really into this personality test a while back. It’s called the Meyers Briggs test and it claims that within the human race, there are 16 distinct personality types You take a series of questions and dependent on your answers, you are assigned a combination of four letters – E or I, N or… Continue reading The Measure of A (Wo)Man
6DACFED9C3 A Meditation On Winter - Our fall is transitioning into winter here in quaint New England. We’ve already had our first snowfall! Granted, it did last for all of one minute but it was still enough to well up a mountain of disbelief in my poor little heart that has been grasping after the last sun rays of summer. Fall… Continue reading A Meditation On Winter
K1PZ4FEMEQ Free To Feel : The Redemption of Emotion - I don’t know if I’m alone in this (I’ll venture a guess that I’m not) but my life has these ups and downs. I know there are people that are even keeled – steady, feeling neither horribly depressed nor terrifically joyous. I on the other hand seem to feel most things keenly. If I’m happy,… Continue reading Free To Feel : The Redemption of Emotion
IO0UJ7FYCA There Are Three Things I Look For - I was cleaning out my room today and stumbled across a list I had written out more than half a decade ago. It was a list of the qualities that I had deemed crucial in a husband when I was thirteen. Needless to say it made me laugh, even though it’s still a pretty overall… Continue reading There Are Three Things I Look For
VFGJ7W2D3J The Harvest Is Plenty. The Laborers Are Few. Where Are You? - There seem to be quite a few folks out there extremely disillusioned with their churches. I can completely empathize. I have been part of my church for over a decade and trust me- I know and I GET it more than I ever wanted to. Things usually go along these lines: Things are moving too slowly,… Continue reading The Harvest Is Plenty. The Laborers Are Few. Where Are You?
XIZEF4Q2TB The Conclusion of the Matter: Fear God And Keep His Commands - I have spent an unhealthy amount of time researching psychology these past 3 years. I’ve discovered some pretty interesting, accurate even, and helpful stuff these past years. I’ve also read some ridiculous nonsense that I’m pretty sure was written by idiots. But that’s material for another post🙂 And for all my research, for all my… Continue reading The Conclusion of the Matter: Fear God And Keep His Commands
SS4TB1O5NQ Back to School One More Time - It’s that time of year again. Of fresh new notebooks, Amazon textbooks, registrations, and new classes. And it’s my senior year. Of college. Let that sink in. After 16 years of education, I am about to begin my last year. I sit and stare at my ginormous 600 page textbooks, and wonder if I know… Continue reading Back to School One More Time
4TGNBSHRUB The Flow of Grace - I can see the question sometimes in her eyes. “Lord, why couldn’t she be more normal?”  It’s the same thought that set up house in my brain at least ten years ago. She likes a clean and quiet house that runs on her schedule. I love a house overflowing with people, noise, music, and laughter.… Continue reading The Flow of Grace
0TW4AS1G7D Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - I got an email today about an opportunity to work in Boston in undersea exploration. How rad is that!? I have no background in undersea stuff but I am almost finished with a Computer Science degree and have a very strong love of exploration. In high school I worked at a life insurance company. Today… Continue reading Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
EE8A129965 Transforming the Season of Waiting into a Season of Training - What can I do to prepare for marriage? What can I do to prepare for parenthood? What can I do to prepare to enter the workforce? What can I do to prepare for the mission field? 1. Walk in relationship with God. Know Him. Love Him. Pursue Him. Think about Him. Spend time with Him.… Continue reading Transforming the Season of Waiting into a Season of Training
YOEGZJT3I0 Be Content. Like A Goose. - The warm wind caught at her hair, flipping it into her face. Inhaling deeply, she soaked in the bright sun. It was quiet all around – the rays of light dancing on the lake’s ripples to a song she could not hear. Yet if she were to guess, she would say it was a song of worship.… Continue reading Be Content. Like A Goose.
JHPVE3XLUE When Today Feels Pointless - In my first class today, we watched an old movie in Cantonese about the fourth wife of some rich man in ancient China. In my second class today, we were taking about abstract deterministic mathematical models I’m 80% sure I won’t ever need in the workplace (the teacher is awesome though!). And in my third… Continue reading When Today Feels Pointless
HJRSD6YX6M The Momentum of The Gospel - I’ve noticed that I have spent a lot of time in my life waiting. Not waiting as in trusting God waiting, but rather waiting on people. I have been waiting for that one person to finally apologize. Or for that other person to finally be impressed with me. Or for that other one to finally… Continue reading The Momentum of The Gospel
1BL1BBOGE9 God’s Eye Is On the Sparrow And It Does Not Wander - I finally realized something last week.  I mean I knew this before but I really truly realized this in my heart’s gut. I didn’t have to pray another day in my life. And God would love me the same. I didn’t have to read another word from the Bible again. And He would love me… Continue reading God’s Eye Is On the Sparrow And It Does Not Wander
YS8L3DPSXI A Beautiful Today - Today. Today it is Monday. It is 12 degrees Fahrenheit. It is winter. Today, I am alive, healthy, and strong. Today is the start of the third week of spring semester of my college junior year. Today I have three morning classes. Today, it is my privilege to go learn things. Today, I am employed.… Continue reading A Beautiful Today
4M5VC3JETQ More Love to Thee Oh Christ, More Love to Thee - For years, Pastor Kim and 27 of his flock of Korean saints had lived in hand-dug tunnels beneath the earth. Then as the communists were building a road, they discovered the Christians living underground. The officials brought them out before a crowd of 30,000 in the village of Gok San for a public trial and… Continue reading More Love to Thee Oh Christ, More Love to Thee
DT8GYX1MBI You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me - Well if this is the Lord’s will for me, then it ought to be easy, right? How many of us expect that the path that the Lord leads us in will be easy? That things will flow naturally, fall right into place, and you will prance through green meadows, singing “How great is our God,… Continue reading You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - For whatever reason, God wired me as a very strong individual. Both physically and mentally – I am more tough then sensitive. Add growing up with two brothers who made it their life’s mission to wring out every trace of any victim mentality in me and then add my stubborn tenacity to the mix and you… Continue reading You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
9ML7MMR8T5 Bring On the Gray Hair and Wrinkles! - I cannot wait to grow old. I am so excited to hit 25…30…40…50…and go up until the Lord takes me home! I know this sounds absolutely insane in a culture that worships youth. People give everything up just to grasp at youth – to look young and to feel young. But here’s the truth! (I… Continue reading Bring On the Gray Hair and Wrinkles!
F468F2DCFA Why Pain? - What are the fruits of seasons in our lives that are just painful to go through? We all have them. Not many of us know what to do with them. So the question becomes – in a world like ours where being happy is the point, why should we endure hardship and suffering? Here are… Continue reading Why Pain?
OT37RD9KJN Psalm 25: 4 – Meditation - Make me know Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths. -Psalm 25:4 Make me know – not “help me know”, not “try to explain it”, not “present it to me”. Here is a complete desperation and humility behind the plea “Make me know!” This is a plea for God to step in. This is an acknowledgement… Continue reading Psalm 25: 4 – Meditation
OT37RD9KJN Psalm 25:3 – Those Who Wait on God Will Not Be Ashamed - Psalm 25:3 – Indeed, none of those who wait for You will be ashamed. Those who deal treacherously without cause will be ashamed. Those who wait for you will not be ashamed. Let that sink in. Before I start pulling apart this verse – can we just stop and think about what this phrase means and how… Continue reading Psalm 25:3 – Those Who Wait on God Will Not Be Ashamed
OT37RD9KJN Psalm 25:1-2 – Meditation -  Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. The chief part of who I am, the essence of my being is yours Lord. The cry of my depths, every hidden and secret thing, I lay before you. Nothing I hold back. Rather I lift it up – away from myself, away from my own… Continue reading Psalm 25:1-2 – Meditation
25066CCDC6 Marching Orders - Today I received the orders from the General “Forward march” He commands I look around at my battlefield not at all what I’d imagined it to be, “Remember”, the Sentinel whispers “You live for an audience of One He alone is your pattern for Promised Land living He alone is your Motivation And He is… Continue reading Marching Orders
0D4B7B7FED Life in Light of Eternity - So I just came home from 16 weeks at Bible school. It was such a precious season in my life – full of sweet fellowship with the saints and knowing Jesus. There was plenty of laughter (no, there was  a TON of laughter), tears, conviction, and repentance. Words are woefully inadequate to communicate all that God… Continue reading Life in Light of Eternity
R7GVMRJWW9 Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s Advice On School - Do get on with your studies. Remember you are now forming the character of you future ministry in great measure, if God spare you. If you acquire slovenly or sleepy habits of study now, you will never get the better of it. Do everything in its own time. Do everything in earnest; if it is… Continue reading Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s Advice On School
OV26AOMUMI Choosing Jesus in Bible School - It’s funny how so many people go to Bible College just to get married. But it’s sad when one trades in relationship with God for a relationship with a human. Because as I’ve learned,  you ridiculously shortchange yourself. Before setting out to Bible school, I was very honest with God about relationships. I told him that… Continue reading Choosing Jesus in Bible School
X7EJ8JR0T1 He has Never Forsaken You Yet - “What must you do when you make a mistake? Must you cut it out or start from the beginning?” And the student said, “No, our teacher is such a great artist that when we make a mistake he uses that mistake to improve the beauty of the pattern.” And that is what the Lord does. We must just… Continue reading He has Never Forsaken You Yet
X4O7G5JXMI Jesus, My Everything - What have I to boast of? Everything good you have given me. Grace upon grace, mercy upon mercy. For this is my story, this is my song – Praising my savior all the day long! You hold my future in your hands –To you alone do I relinquish all of my plans. I don’t worry… Continue reading Jesus, My Everything
VVJJV4G9SO A Call to Love - It was dark when I first awoke, The light of day shrouded by night’s cloak. I lay deadly still and heard the song Nature has sung since it all went wrong. And in me, this melody stirred a strong desire, To take myself away, somewhere up higher, Above this sad, pathetic existence, Which we all live… Continue reading A Call to Love
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Declare Me Innocent - “Joseph is gone, will you take Benjamin too? “ My flesh cries, struggling against the boundaries That you calmly set in place. “You’ve taken my entertainment My sweets My pleasure Most of my time And now you want to take away that which I consider good?! “ You put me in a place I didn’t… Continue reading Declare Me Innocent
ZM708TUT6P Observable Paradoxes: Are You Chasing Substance or Illusions? - A lot of things have been on my mind. I don’t know what normal people think about usually but my mind usually is somthing like this: I go from “Kids are so much fun” to “I want to go play” to “I wonder what the highest purpose a human can live for is” to “In… Continue reading Observable Paradoxes: Are You Chasing Substance or Illusions?
OEP6DXZE7T 11 Bits of Wisdom - I am surrounded by wise people. And I consistently and shamelessly steal their wisdom. Below is a list I’ve put together, outlining some of the best I’ve heard this week. Enjoy! 1. You don’t necessarily have to always have a plan. Sometimes, just follow your nose – investigate an idea without high expectations, try it… Continue reading 11 Bits of Wisdom
805E1YYX3P I am Woman. I am Computer Scientist. Hear Me Roar. Just Kidding – Hear Me Talk Myself Into Not Giving Up - It’s that time of the school year. Where I exist on a steady stream of Kit Kats and Chinese takeout as I question every single choice I’ve ever made. Where I ask myself why I just didn’t major in English instead of Computer Science. Especially when I am a much better writer then programmer. Honestly I… Continue reading I am Woman. I am Computer Scientist. Hear Me Roar. Just Kidding – Hear Me Talk Myself Into Not Giving Up
AUXJX50V26 Children : Gift or Curse? - I love children. Their carefree laughs, wide innocent eyes, trusting embraces, toothless grins, and precious little eyes melt my heart. The simplicity with which they love and forgive, the way they look up to you like you’re their hero is precious. They make you a better person. They make me long for simpler times when… Continue reading Children : Gift or Curse?
820C3ABDED When Ignorance Is Good: Taking Away the Safety Net of Excuses - As soon as I started running on the treadmill, my knee started hurting. So now I have an excuse. An excuse not to run. When I lost ten pounds on an easy diet, my sister told me that it would get harder to lose more weight. And suddenly I had an excuse. Continuing would be… Continue reading When Ignorance Is Good: Taking Away the Safety Net of Excuses
TBQGV72E0B #SochiProblems: They Need Your Help, Not Your Mockery - There is nothing more frustrating than a person who is proud of their ignorance. Growing up in a Russian culture, I was always bemused by Russian’s fierce national pride. Most of these people grew up in poverty levels unheard of in America, with a government more rotten than rancid meat left in the sun for… Continue reading #SochiProblems: They Need Your Help, Not Your Mockery

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